Sunday, May 07, 2006

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

I have been fascinated for a relatively long time now by the very popular game: Six degrees of Kevin Bacon. After a very brief web search I discovered that the game was originally developed by three college students and is based on the premise that Kevin Bacon is the centre of the entertainment universe. With this basic assumption in mind they went on to propose that any actor or actress can be linked to Kevin Bacon, typically by a maximum of six degrees. The number of links to Mr Bacon are called an individual's Bacon number.

Yet more people have taken this theory further and stated that any person can be linked to someone else in the world by six or seven degrees. Now I may not be too sure about that one, but I'm really with people on this whole Kevin Bacon thing. I believe that it is possible for mere mortals such as myself to have a Bacon number of 6 or less even living out here in good old South Africa. Follow my logic for a moment and be amazed.

  1. I know my brother, Eric Parry.
  2. Eric Parry has met Adrian Bellengere (boss's brother).
  3. Adrian Bellengere was a stunt double for Joseph Fiennes in Man to Man (2005).
  4. Joseph Fiennes was in Shakespeare in Love (1998) with Colin Firth.
  5. Colin Firth was in Where the Truth Lies (2005) with Kevin Bacon.

Bacon number = 5

Not too bad for a South African girl from Port Shepstone who has never been out of the country. A fun website to check out in this regard is: The Oracle of Bacon.

Right - I was going to update you all with exciting news and happenings from my two week caravaning holiday with the parental units (hence the slightly longer than usual silence), but I sort of got carried away getting my page to look the way I wanted it to. So time sacrificed for aesthetics as opposed to news today I'm afraid. The holiday update will hopefully follow soon.

I put a new counter in - the software looks interesting. It allows you to track what countries people are from that are looking at your page and other cool stats. Unfortunately it means we have to start at 0 again. Oh well - you win some you loose some.

I have so far passed the assignments that UNISA has seen fit to actually mark and put the results on the web (2 of 5). Not bad for home studying, but I'm not ecstatically pleased with the 60% I got for the one. At least it's a pass i guess. I was battling to focus on them blabbering away on the theory behind theory and thought that that may have an effect. But in the greater scheme of things it won't be that big a section. Oh my god - I'm slowly morphing into that most hated of all - a social science student. My therapist was very amused when I mentioned that I had to wing a couple of sections for my assignments (i.e. read only the relevant bits as opposed to everything) and he burst out laughing and welcomed me to the social sciences.

I'd like to welcome people's opinions and suggestions about my page. Feel free to get in touch through the comments page.

I have also decided to introduce something new and fun to my page. A trivia quiz. Every post I will ask a trivia question and people need to post comments with their answers. Date stamps will verify who got there first. There will be 10pt for 1st place, 5pt for 2nd and 2pt for 3rd. I hope people will find it fun and entertaining for a bit of a change. The questions will vary in difficulty and style as I come up with them. I have set up a leader board on the site to track people's progress.

Trivia question
A crucial developmental gene/protein is named after a popular computer game character first seen in 1990. Name this character.


Blogger kleinbaas said...

My theory is that some organisms don't have this, hence shoggoth die. laa!

11:38 PM  
Blogger moonflake said...

Sonic the Hedgehog!!!

and i didn't even have to google it. What do i win?

10:31 AM  
Blogger kleinbaas said...

yeh, bonus points for not googling it. I know jack about biology. And even less about video games. At least I have decent google-fu...

5:57 PM  

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