Sunday, January 08, 2006

Only 6 more sleeps....

Yes, the countdown for my birthday has begun. I'm almost a whole quarter of a century old. Somehow I don't think that the queen will be sending me a letter for this one.

I trust that everyone had an enjoyable new year - I demand e-mails filled with embarrassing and blackmailable information. Or just some good stories would be good. I personally spent a very quiet and debauche free (sadly) evening at home with a movie and a book. Hopefully one day I'll manage to get some more dancing into my life again. I miss a good old fashioned party. I am waiting for the hordes of vaalies to subside before I even consider going to the local clubs. It's bad enough dealing with local 14 year olds without importing them.

I must again apologise for being lax in my writing of e-mails, phoning and general keeping in touch with people. I assure you that I do think of you all (whether you're in CT, Joburg or anywhere else) often and miss you stacks. I will endeavour to rectify the communication problem this year - and this is step one. Although to be fair it sometimes takes a bit of time to build up anything truley interesting to write about. When that fails you get a post very much like this one, where I expose you to random imaginings and thoughts occupying my twisted psyche.

I have lived in KZN for 24 years (almost 25 now) and each year I forget how hot it gets in summer. I am typing this while sitting resplendant in a pair of my brother's old shorts (unfortunately not studded battle shorts, but we work with what we have). The last week has been hideous as far as temperature goes. You know it's going to be bad when they forcast about 32 and then add at least 10 degrees on for humidity. I refer you to my previous post on conditions in which sweat becomes less of a cooling agent and more of a general irritant so that you may catch a glimpse of how I currently feel. I have resorted to covering my pillows with a towel in the hopes that they will not be soaking wen I wake up. A charming mental image to be sure, but very effective I feel.

I watched The Brothers Grimm yesterday and really enjoyed the movie. It gains a 7 and 1/2 on the Shelagh movie rating scale. It loses the 1/2 due to the story being somewhat sluggish at first. Matt Damon is surprisingly good in his role and Heath Ledger complements him well. A reminder that it is a movie by Terry Gilliam so will not necessarily appeal to everyone. Also look to se how many quite clever links to the real brothers' fairy tales you can spot. Current count sits at 6.

Well that's all folks. Stay tuned for the next installment of this exciting and no doubt riveting blog as soon as our author can be persuaded to come out of hiding.


Blogger d@vid said...

don't make me do arithmetic - that means your birthday is on the 14th, right?

I've heard nothing but goodness about Brothers Grimm (certain kitten scenes notwithstanding) - hurrah!

(okay, I lie one bad thing)

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on, love, it's your birthday! Hope it is awesome and not hot and horribly humid. Umm, ok, just awesome will have to do then. Million windy hugs!


1:22 PM  
Blogger schpat said...

Heat and humidity sucks, that's why god created AirCon.

Happy Birthday

7:42 AM  
Blogger GoldenAngel said...

hey Shelagaha Ihope you got my sms. I am being tardie with my yearly letter, dont worry, you are not the only 1 who hasn't gotten it. Hope you had a wonderfulness birthday
miss you lots and lots
I also enjoyed the movie , BabyAcid looked like he was trying to pull the memories out of his brain. Skylark and I reckon he expected too much, he disagrees, we know better *mwa*

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Jenny Wallace W. said...

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thanks, JennyWallaceW (on Twitter too)

1:31 PM  

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