Monday, October 31, 2005

Is there a doctor in the house ?

It's days like today that make me (a) hate humidity and (b) thank the pope for fans and aircon (pity my car has neither). Went up to Durban again today to see my psychiatrist. You know - three years ago I would've killed myself laughing if you'd told me I would have my very own shrink (three actually - ignoring psychologists of course). But now I seem to be living one big farce/cliche - only it's not so amusing on this side. Anyhow - meds seem to be eventually getting sorted out which is at least a bonus.

After bringing a whole bunch of stuff back with me from Cape Town - you know, the essentials: hi-fi, CDs, DVDs and books - I realised that I have had basically the same stuff in my room in the same arrangement since about 1993. That, and the fact that you could barely see my brother's room under all of my crap, inspired me to reorganise. So two days later my room is transformed into something more reflecting me. The change makes a good difference. Baby steps....

A big hello out to my friends - I miss you guys. Come visit me in Natal dammit !!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Ok so I've been tagged by TotalWaste and goldenangel. No getting out of this one it seems.

  • I hate hospitals - when I spend more than 20 minutes in one I start feeling nauseous and caged in. This stems from spending about 8 weeks of my life in hospitals and institutions for various reasons.
  • I have broken 6 bones in my body, including my skull and three vertebrae.
  • I was in all of my school plays from Std. 5 (Grade 7) to matric and played a supporting lead role in three of them, including the baby elephant in The Jungle Book.
  • I have been committed to an institution for 3 weeks.
  • I love standing out in the rain.
  • If I could do any job in the world it would be a combination of writing and counselling.
  • I love to dance.
  • I have never been in a relationship and my fear of loneliness stems from there - plus my belief that I am the love child of the blob and frankensten.
  • I am a confirmed Catholic (although non-practising).
  • I care more about other people than I do about myself.
  • I was Dux of my school and embarrassed my mother horribly by turning around and taking a deep bow to the entire audience when receiving my prize.
  • I have been (and still am) suicidal, but rather than kill myself I cut myself.
  • I am constantly surprised that anyone likes me.
  • I HATE it when people try to convert me to their religion.
  • I used to bite my brother when I was really little and got frustrated with him - until my mom bit me back one day.
  • I was known as "Me too" when I was young because that is what invariably followed any of my brother's requests.
  • I can't stand people who make sweeping statements.
  • It's amazing how many people think they're original and/or funny when your name is Shelagh and they come up with some Australian comment. From me to you - you're not and it isn't.
  • On many days I'm more afraid of life than of death.
  • My favourite poem is The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Test results

People who know me will testify to the fact that I am fascinated by things angelic, divine, magical and mystical. I had some time on my hands and decided to take some random tests which started out in the above interests and soon digressed.

Michael. You're most like the ArchAngel of
Defense. You like to hit things, and you like
naked people, preferably cute naked people. A
real down-to-earth angel who likes frogs and is
easily distracted by bright, shiny things.

Which ArchAngel are you most like?
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Guardian Angel
You are a two-winged Guardian Angel!
Wandering the realms of the mortals you often bear
the form of a mere human. It is your task to
guard your charge against the perils of the
shadows. You are good-natured and friendly,
trusted by everyone, helpful and kind. But
when in danger you show a fierce protective
side that often surprises your adversarys.

What kind of supernatural being are you?
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DRUIDIC - You have to live close to nature to
survive. You dream magick. In the deep woods
you gather, bringing together mysticism and
philosophy, insight and learning. Your spirit
emerges from the the tides of the sea, the
light of the sun, the wind in the Oak, the cry
of the deer.

What is Your Magick Path?
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Earth girl
You are a true nature girl!

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
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What Common Breed of Dog Are You?

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Right - so that's all for now folks. Should give you a bit of an idea about who I am and what I'm like. Comments from those who know me would be appreciated.

Back due to popular demand

I have just returned from a short trip to Cape Town where I packed up my flat and put everything into storage. Yup - I am no longer a resident of Cape Town and that's pretty sad.

I did however get to see some people while I was there (not everyone and for as long as I would have liked). Amusingly enough shortly after "hello" I was hit from left field with "Blog godammit" or a variation on that theme. Who knew my boring life provided WAP potential for so many.

I am at present building an empire of Sims in Sims 2 - it's fun being omnipotent. Playing out the legacy challenge and am only on generation 2 of 10 starting with one original sim. Have also had fun playing Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR) and KOTOR2 and am now playing them again on the dark side.

I don't want to spoil you all too much, so I'll leave it there for now. Consider this a teaser.

Oh and for those who know me/care - I'm not having a good day, so not in writing mode.