Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Whether you've been naughty or nice

As the silly season descends in full force, bringing the vaalie drivers and their lack of driving capability, I am shocked at how quickly this year has gone. It's been a bitter sweet year and I'm going to be partially glad to see it go. It hasn't penetrated to my brain that it's christmas. We don't even have a tree up at home yet and the crackers are still waiting for me to finish making them.

But in other news I went with my parents to the Natal Playhouse to watch The Sound of Music on Saturday. I have loved the playhouse since I was a little girl. The roof in the main hall and opera house are painted a beautiful evening blue, like rich velvet and the small lights they have installed as stars hold a wonder and a fascination akin to lying underneath a clear evening night somewhere where city lights can't mask the splendour of the universe. The show was fantastic and I was especially pleased to see so many people there. There was talk at one time of closing down the Playhouse and that would have been a bit like erasing a famous pencil sketch as far as I am concerned. An amusing incident happened outside the Royal Hotel prior to the show. We had stopped at their restaurant that serves light meals and being the only smoker (with a full smoking area next door) I stepped outside on to the pavement for a quick nicotene fix. As I'm standing there a guy approached me, resplendent in his father christmas hat complete with twinkling LED plastic stars. He then proceeded to profess his undying love for me within fifteen seconds and went on to explain that he was a chief and that he was in Durban saving money for the future (with me I may add). Why is it that a tall guy with wavy brown hair and a great smile can't approach me ? I always get the strange coloured guys from Obs or the guys from North Africa who think I'm the most enchanting woman they've ever met. And now I can add a Zulu chief to my collection. It really does make a girl (well, at least this girl) wonder whether she is at all attractive to the kind of guy that she would like to meet. Sigh.

Anyhow - I wish you all a very happy and cuisinely blessed Christmas. I think of you guys often and miss you all madly. Sigh.

By the way - I'm considering studying Psych through UNISA next year and tutoring high school maths, science and biology to make a bit of cash at the same time. Any thoughts or comments are welcome.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Officially responsible

Bonjour one and all.

I returned yesterday from a very brief visit to Cape Town for Mira's naming ceremony. I am now officially a godmother. The day was awesome and I think very special for all involved.

It's a pity that I couldn't stay for longer :( I only got to see a few people, but on the flipside I did get to relax which was cool and groovy. Plus I got to test out my new swimming costume. It is official - I hate shopping for swimming costumes. I hate one piece costumes and despise the way I look in them. I also am not a size 3 with perfect little thighs and stomach, so most of the absurdly low cut bikini bottoms are just scary beyond all reason. Plus - how many people really wear bright citrus orange on a regular basis ? Is it too much to ask for a simple blue bikini ? It would appear so. But I did manage to find something in the above size 3 range that doesn't make me look like a granny - so w00t. But I digress, I really miss you guys in CT. Contacting has decreased because my cell phone bills were getting a bit enthusiastic, even with just SMS's. But that doesn't mean that I don't think of you guys !!

I have to be up at stupid o'clock tomorrow to drive through to Durbs to my psychologist, so my post will have to rest here for now. But never fear, at the rate my brain thinks of random things I'm sure I'll be back.